Thank you for scanning the token you probably have in your hand or pocket.

It is a gift shared with friends of the Secrets Factory and likely someone thinks highly enough of you to share this invitation.

So what is the Secrets Factory? It is a gathering of people and adult events for kinky and poly people and friends and allies too.

So what do you do with this? We invite you save this and when you want to join us, click the link below and fill in the RSVP form for an event and we will send invitation confirmation details to either your cell phone or email address.

By the way. Your RSVP contact information will be deleted once the event date has passed.

There are two options:
* RSVP here
* RSVP on one of the events on Fetlife
(a lifestyle community website for all kinds of people)

Thank you again for considering joining us. If it is just not your thing, please return this to your friend so they can share it with someone else.